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Web-Based Collaborative Visualization Environment (WBCVE)

Ahmad Munir2, M. Nurdin1, dan Paharuddin2
Pemerintah Kota Bontang
Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bontang
Jl. Awang Long No 1. Bontang
2Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar
Jl. P. Kemerdekaan Km 11 Tamalanrea Makassar

email: amunir@unhas.ac.id

Rapid exploitation of natural resources has increased pollution rate that has affects on ecosystems. In Indonesia, the damage of water quality becomes important issue. Due to damage of water quality, the government has to spend a large amount of money in order conserve water quality. Since the regional autonomy is being involved, management of watershed becomes important issue. Because of many watersheds are occupied by more than one regional authority, therefore it is very hard to get an ideal integrated management for optimizing water resources.

The purpose of this paper is to describe the procedure in developing Open Management Interface in order to optimize water management in term of minimizing erosion and sedimentation rate. The system was developed using Java, PHP and HTML and some supporter program such as MySQL, SVG Vew and ArcView were used to develop spatial database. The input data for the model consists of five spatial data: erosivity factor, erodibility, length-slope factor, land cover factor and conservation factor. All the spatial data were being converted into html format.


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