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A Brief History of Guides

What You Must Know About the NBCOT Exam When you would like to be working as an occupational therapist, you must pass the NBCOT exam or what you call the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. This offers the Occupational Therapist Registered examination for the purposes of certification and licensing. Prior to allowing the candidate to take the exam, one must have completed an accredited academic course or program for occupational therapy and must have finished the needed experience obligations and one should have turned in an application and also obtained the go-ahead from the NBCOT for one to take the exam. Also, one must be provided with the needed documentation from the school registrar about the eligibility of the candidate and should have signed such code of conduct. You will have to use the computer when it comes to taking this test. At the test’s start, 15 minutes is allotted for completing a tutorial on how to take the examination. The time given is not counted on the total time of four hours for the entire test. For this exam, there are 200 multiple-choice questions that you should answer. Of the questions, 30 are pre-trial questions and these will be used on the future examinations. Other questions are going to be used for the raw score. Candidates may flag the questions while going along and they can just return to them later on in order to check their answers or read the questions again. One may go back and make changes to the answers as many times as they like, so long as there is still time remaining. When one has left one question unanswered then such won’t be counted on the score. You have to understand that the content of the test is divided into the following. Around 25 percent is for assessing the persons to know what is needed for the occupation-based interventions. About 21 percent is on the intervention strategies that focus on the occupational requirements. The 41 percent of the exam is on the putting to practice of those occupationally significant interventions with the people which would support participation in the significant environments. The other six and seven percent of the exam is on giving occupational therapy services that talk about the occupation performance requirements of various groups of individuals and endorsing the occupational therapy services.
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The raw score of the candidate is going to be converted to a final scaled score that will be in the 300 to 600 range. The minimum passing score for such exam is 450. If the candidate is able to pass the test, one will be given the score, the certificate as well as a wallet card. On the other hand, if one has failed the exam, then one must have to wait 45 days before he or she is allowed to take the test again.Why People Think Skills Are A Good Idea

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